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The Big Difference

What shall I do next?

How many of us have ever been in a miserable situation? A situation where we know that we?re unhappy, we know that we want to change our situation, but we?re somehow paralysed by fear? Fear that, although our current situation is bad, the alternative could be even worse and our brave jump into the unknown might actually result in us falling flat on our faces?

So what is the alternative? Well, we could either stick to the status quo, perhaps accepting that what we have is our ?lot? and just making the most of it. Or, we could let others make our choices for us, relieving us of our responsibility for making our own choices. Our bullying boss might make us feel miserable in our jobs, but at least that misery is something we know and can measure.

Actually, the alternative could be worse but the key is to accept failure as a legitimate option. Accepting chaos and with that the success and failure that might accompany it, actually helps us take control of our own destiny.

Choosing your goals, choosing you way, choosing how to get there and choosing what to do when you do get there, choosing who to be and choosing who not to be.

This book is about making the big difference between making choices and letting life and others choose your life for you.