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Nicola Phillips

"It's tough at the top, but at least there's something to read" as The Economist once proclaimed in an advert. Maybe Nicola Phillips should parody this to "It's tough at the top, but at least there's someone to talk to" or at least "to mull ideas over with" or even "rap with". It's hard to come up with a simple phrase to describe exactly how Nicola Phillips helps her various clients around the world, but we decided that "Thinking Partner" was about as close as we could get.

Having a Thinking Partner means working with someone outside of your organisation, who you can trust, and who can bring you a fresh insight and approach to tackling some of the tougher issues that managers deal with everyday.

Nicola Phillips has over 20 years of experience as an Author and Thinking Partner working with everyone from CEOs of very large organisations struggling with a board restructure through to entrepreneurs dealing with their first foray into international expansion.